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What You Should Know About Cowboy Hat Etiquette

If you’re wearing a cowboy hat, you’ve probably wondered how to behave around others wearing one.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind. Don’t mess with it, don’t wear it in a bar, and don’t wear it during the National Anthem.

Read on to learn the proper way to wear and display a cowboy hat.

These rules are easy to remember and will help you feel comfortable wearing one!

A Quick Guide To Cowboy Hat Etiquette

Don’t mess with a cowboy’s hat

One of the most beloved items of western wear is the cowboy hat. It is a very personal and expensive piece of clothing, so don’t mess with it.

While you may be tempted to touch the hat of a cowboy you don’t know, you should never do it.

Always remove your hat before entering a building, or a store.

You may wear it back on a more casual occasion, but not when attending formal events.

A cowboy’s hat should be held properly to avoid damage. Hold the crown of a soft hat while removing it from your head.

Avoid tipping the hat on your head, and be sure to remove your cigar or cigarette before doing so.

Also, don’t mess with a cowboy’s hat while you’re attending a funeral or in public.

Your hat belongs to you and no one else’s.

The lyric for “Don’t mess with a cowboy’s hat” comes from Chris LeDoux’s song of the same name, which was released in 1982 as the single from his album

“I Used to Want to Be a Cowboy.”

Not only is LeDoux a singer, but he’s also a real cowboy. He competed in rodeo in high school and was a champion bareback rider.

It’s a touching song that has over 6.3 million views on YouTube.

The rules of how to greet a cowboy differ according to the country, culture, and individual.

Nonetheless, you can always adapt them to avoid offending the cowboy’s hat. Generally, this involves putting your hand on the brim of the hat.

This signals good intentions and respect. You can use this greeting for a variety of social situations, such as in the office.

Don’t put a cowboy hat on a bed

Laying a cowboy hat on a mattress is considered a grave superstition in cowboy culture.

It is believed to bring bad luck, injury, and even death. It has practical roots as head lice were once a very common problem in the West.

It’s also not good for the shape of your hat either. So, never sleep with a cowboy hat.

As a livestock judge, I once had a teammate tell me that he thought it was superstitious to sleep in a cowboy hat.

His black felt hat was laying on the bed without thinking about its fate and promptly returned to its place.

Fortunately, I learned that not only are cowboys superstitious, but they also have superstitions about their hats.

They never place a cowboy hat on a bed for fear of bringing bad luck, so I never slept in one.

In addition to its bad luck effects, cowboys also believe that putting their hats on a bed will bring bad luck to them.

This may be the case if the hat is contaminated by dust. This can cause a sinus infection, an inflammation of the nasal passages, or even a fight between two cowboys.

Not only that, but dust can also lead to respiratory conditions, such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis, so cowboys should not wear their hats to bed.

Another bad luck superstition involves putting a cowboy hat on a cot. It was traditionally believed that cowboys’ hats were cursed and that they would cause bad luck for the wearer.

However, this superstition has been blown out of proportion in recent years.

People don’t really know why a cowboy hat is bad luck, but if they are wearing one, it can spell a disaster.

Don’t wear a cowboy hat during the National Anthem

If you’re a member of the military, you may want to consider removing your cowboy hat during the National Anthem.

It is considered impolite to show the inside of your hat. It is also impolite to remove your hat while entering a private office or home.

Besides, wearing a cowboy hat during the National Anthem is an insult to the flag.

Women may wear a hat at a movie theater or concert, but they should not cause people to move or clap.

The same is true for men, who should remove their hats during the National Anthem.

Women Wearing Hat During The National Anthem

The exception is a woman wearing a proper hat. She should hold the hat so that only the outside is visible. Never show the inside lining of the hat.

Another reason to remove your hat during the National Anthem is to avoid being spotted by the ladies.

If you are meeting a lady, it’s fine to tip your hat. Otherwise, you’ll stand out and be noticed.

If you’re watching a game, you’ll be seen, so don’t wear a cowboy hat.

People will stare at you when you don’t remove your hat. It’s also inappropriate to kneel during the anthem.

A cowboy hat is considered a personal accessory. Wearing it during the National Anthem is considered disrespectful to the nation.

In fact, it is illegal for men to wear a cowboy hat during the National Anthem.

You can wear a cowboy hat if you’re a member of the military or a member of the armed forces.

Don’t wear a cowboy hat in a bar

Don’t wear a cowboy t-shirt to a bar! That is just plain stupid! The same is true for wearing a hat at a fast food restaurant.

You might as well be a cowboy, but a hat is just too much work for your outfit.

A cowboy t-shirt is more suitable for the beach, not a bar.

When wearing a cowboy hat, make sure you have a bow at the back. Most of them have a little bow on the inside lining around the headband.

If you don’t have a bow, you should probably choose another hat. A hat without a bow is a little narrower at the front.

This is not a good idea, especially if you’re wearing a large hat. It’s also bad etiquette to wear a cowboy hat in crowded places.

Some people might view it as disrespectful. Instead, try laying it by your side while you wait for your meal.

This will help you avoid being looked at as someone who doesn’t respect cowboy hat etiquette.

Conclusion: You can also avoid awkward situations if you think ahead

A cowboy hat is also appropriate for cool weather. It has a high heat retention capacity and can keep your head warm during cooler months.

Nevertheless, you should remove it if you are going inside or are eating. If you must wear a cowboy hat, it is not appropriate for a funeral or formal occasion.

However, cowboy hats are acceptable for a country concert or rodeo.

When wearing a cowboy hat, make sure you wear a shirt and jeans. You can wear a plain colored shirt or a plaid or flannel one.

Jeans should be basic straight-leg jeans with no extra buttons on the back pockets.

They should not be intentionally bleached or have extra buttons. Cowboy boots must be paired with cowboy hats to complete the outfit.

Cowboy hats are a classic and iconic fashion accessory. The modern cowboy hat is a great fashion statement, as long as it fits correctly.

A cowboy hat is a great way to express yourself without making yourself too obvious, so it’s important to get a hat that fits you properly.

Remember to bend the brim slightly so that it sits flat on the front and back, and to make the sides curly.

A cowboy hat is also easy to dent and has to be bent correctly.

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