The Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering brings the best traditional cowboy musicians, poets, and artists together to celebrate the western tradition of ranching and cowboy life.

Past nationally known entertainers — many of whom have performed at Carnegie Hall, Grand Old Opry, on National Public Radio, and numerous other venues around the world include – Don Edwards, Waddie Mitchell, Baxter Black, R. W. Hampton, Wylie & the Wild West, Stephanie Davis Band, Paul Zarzyski, Sourdough Slim, Doris and Belinda and Juni Fisher.

The Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering also hosts a Gear & Art Show, a series of workshops, and dances throughout the event.

Opportunities abound for guests to see local and regional cowboy and cowgirl poets and crooners share rhymes, stories, and songs in Historic Downtown Ellensburg.

The Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering Board of Directors invites you to join in the celebration of traditional cowboy music, poetry, and art in Ellensburg, Washington.