Relive the sights, sounds, & history of the old west

In its 17-year existence, the Spirit of the West Committee had reached the most difficult decision of closing for the 2021 year. After months of deliberation, the organizationdecided not to hold the 2021 Cowboy Gathering. From this experience, the most important thing is that the performers, vendors, guests, volunteers, and committee members remain safe and healthy. The organization typically holds their Cowboy Gathering on Presidents Day of a given year. Be sure to look out for more information for future events!s

Cowboy gathering with Western music, poetry, and art. Downtown and in the fairgrounds, there is free entertainment. Concerts by nationally acclaimed performers throughout the afternoon and evening. Collaboration with local charity. Promoting the Cowboy Way, the Western Code, and doing the right thing Local schools and senior communities will host performances.

Ellensburg, Washington

Ellensburg, WA - Just 90 miles southeast of Seattle, yet divided by the gorgeous lifestyle barrier known as the Cascade Range...home to one of America's oldest, largest, and most distinguished Rodeos. The Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering: a winter weekend celebration of cowboy music, poetry, and the western mystique, for almost a decade years.

The headliners in this city aren't filling football stadiums. Nonetheless, they are dedicated and incredibly brilliant musicians, and their songs are poetry born of insight, as they are also historians. These performers appear to be cowboys first and foremost, as seen by their bios. Ellensburg is a fantastic fit.

Downtown USA is an exhibition of 19th century western architecture, the sort that makes you question why you left home in the first place. Ranch roping, a chuck wagon cook-off, square dancing, violin competitions...that sounds like a fun weekend. Ellensburg has its music festival in February to break up the winter slugishness, as a recent glance at the online version of the local newspaper highlighted an avalanche of information at the top on the event calendar.

Ellensburg has lots of local flavor and a place definitely worth visiting if you find yourself in for the Cowboy Gathering.